Book: There’s No Poetry in a Typhoon by Agnès Bun

There’s No Poetry in a Typhoon by Agnès Bun will straight take you deep into the devastation of the Philipines by Typhoon Haiyan 2013, the 2014 War Zone of Ukraine, the Earthquake and Floods of Nepal (2015) and Sri Lanka (2017), the Rohingya Refugee Camps of Bangladesh (2017), and the Daily Adventures of India between... Continue Reading →

The need of the hour: Technological “fasting”, and “distancing”

Technology is great, if we're in control of it. It's not so great if it takes control of us. Sadly, for most of us today, the latter is true. This is perhaps one of the greatest obstacles we face today, with so much technology and so many distractions. We're listening to a video on YouTube... Continue Reading →

Better Off Without You

When you realize that it's already fallen apart and there is no chance of getting better, and if somebody thinks he/she is better off without you, so let's be it, and give them their space. It's truly tough to say goodbye to someone but at times it requires, it requires not only for them to... Continue Reading →

Readings in Quarantine

During the last four months of quarantine, for many of us, the daily commute revolves around the bedroom to the washroom, bedroom to dining, study to the balcony, and so on. These days we have much more time than usual days while working from home or staying indoor. When you have more time than usual,... Continue Reading →

आँशु की बात

आँशु की बात क्या करूँअब तो शब्दों की खामोशी भी जोर पकड़ने लगा है,तुझे याद क्या करूँतेरे वो हर लम्स भी मुझे पत्थर जैसा लगने लगा है।

जनाज़ा को कंधे देने अपने ही आते हैं

बातों को बहस बनाने के लिए और रातों की हवस मिटाने के लिए साथ बहुत देने मिल जाएंगे पर भावनाओं की कदर करने और जनाज़ा को कंधे देने अपने ही आते हैं।

लिखूं तो क्या लिखूं? – This poem is dedicated to all migrant laborers.

On popular demand, posting this video again with better audio quality. Hope you will like it. Please like, share and subscribe for better reach of this powerful heart-breaking poem. Sharing is Caring! Sharing is love! हाँ आज में गुस्सा हूँ, लिखूं तो क्या लिखूं? - This poem is dedicated to all migrant laborers. -‘At... Continue Reading →

Love is Terrifying: Stay or Go

Back then what was in my mind and my belief is still relevant to the core, today. Please read this article on the byline of relationships.

Thooghts - a Dash of Emotions

Love is terrifying and at times, it is threatening; the moment when you find yourself tired with the cord of insecurity, self-effacing, and inhibited, believe me, that ‘love’, ‘relation’ won’t last long. It’s the time for a self-check, spoken up, share, ask, talk, and talk. Both should open up them for a nail-biting, ‘teekhee’, discussion. Believe me, that discussion will decide your fate, you can decide to stay or to go. Often in life, it’s very hard to decide to stay or to go and have your own life. And that nail-biting discussion will help you and make your decision smooth.

My loyal reader, you may not agree with what just I told above. But, let me tell you, it has its way. This‘teekhee’discussion will teach you a life lesson. Often, in a relationship, people are reluctant to talk about the bad part of their partner. But…

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लिखूं तो क्या लिखूं?

This poem is dedicated to all migrant laborers. 'At the Stroke of Midnight, Migrant Workers Became Aliens in a Double Sense' who supposed to build our smartcity. लिखूं तो क्या लिखूं? Narrated by: Biswa Pratap Singh आज में गुस्सा हूँलिखूं तो क्या लिखूं? तेरे दर्द लिखूं या भूख?तेरे मौत लिखूं या ज़िन्दगी?लिखूं तो क्या... Continue Reading →

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