Book review: The Blue Umbrella

Small is Beautiful. "The word 'small' conveys that something is minor or not of much importance, but 'small' can also be a 'thing of beauty." The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond is a simple yet beautiful story of a ten-year-old girl Binya who lives in a small remote hilly village of Garhwal in the Himalayas.... Continue Reading →

Happy World Book Day!

April 23, the day has come again. It's World Book Day today!  Why Reading is Important? Reading is a must for everyone. It helps you to be patient, calm, open up your imagination, build your thoughts. The most useful of reading is learning new things about the world. It gives you endless knowledge and lessons while sitting... Continue Reading →

Better Off Without You

When you realize that it's already fallen apart and there is no chance of getting better, and if somebody thinks he/she is better off without you, so let's be it, and give them their space. It's truly tough to say goodbye to someone but at times it requires, it requires not only for them to... Continue Reading →

Readings in Quarantine

During the last four months of quarantine, for many of us, the daily commute revolves around the bedroom to the washroom, bedroom to dining, study to the balcony, and so on. These days we have much more time than usual days while working from home or staying indoor. When you have more time than usual,... Continue Reading →

आँशु की बात

आँशु की बात क्या करूँअब तो शब्दों की खामोशी भी जोर पकड़ने लगा है,तुझे याद क्या करूँतेरे वो हर लम्स भी मुझे पत्थर जैसा लगने लगा है।

जनाज़ा को कंधे देने अपने ही आते हैं

बातों को बहस बनाने के लिए और रातों की हवस मिटाने के लिए साथ बहुत देने मिल जाएंगे पर भावनाओं की कदर करने और जनाज़ा को कंधे देने अपने ही आते हैं।

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